My Spam Gone

Innovative spam technology

Lose the spam while keeping valid emails you want and need!

Promotional Plans

Referral Plan
Extend your protection period by 6 months* for each person in your address book that buys a copy of My Spam Gone.
Affiliate Plan
Sign up as an affiliate to receive 40% of the first year My Spam Gone fees sold through your efforts.
Become a reseller of My Spam Gone and sell from your own website.

How does it work?

Referral (Extended Date) Plan

My Spam Gone maintains a database with all of the e-mail addresses in the address books of primary (paid) users. Please note that we will NOT use this database for sending spam! See our Privacy Policy If an e-mail address is already in the database from another user, it will not be added again. Unless a new user purchases My Spam Gone from a reseller or an affiliate, and their e-mail address is in the database, then the person from whom the e-mail address originated will receive credit for that sale. The expiration date of the primary user's My Spam Gone protection will be extended by 6 months. The same extended expiration date also applies to any secondary users on the account. * A maximum of 3 years of My Spam Gone protection can be accumulated at any given time. Once the expiration date becomes less than two and a half years in the future, you are eligible to extend coverage again.

Cash Plan

With just a little more effort, you can sign up through an affiliate program, like, to earn 40% of the first-year fee paid by new My Spam Gone users. Once you have signed up, simply put a link on your e-mail messages, or on your website, and the affiliate program does the rest."eSellerate is a software commerce provider specializing in the sale and delivery of digital goods. Purchasing online through the eSellerate system is fast, easy and completely secure."

Reseller Plan

If you are already selling software, you can sign up to add My Spam Gone to your product line. Resellers retain 50% of the first-year fee. Your website must have its own shopping cart and completely handle the customers' payments. Need a shopping cart? Visit

Selling Points

  • Try before you Buy trial period
  • Filter spam folder and rescues possible wanted messages
  • Filters your Inbox and Confirms spam your email program missed
  • Potential wanted messages are marked and routed to REVIEW folder in Yahoo and possibly other email software
  • Customizable e-mail settings and personal passcode
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