My Spam Gone

Innovative spam technology

Lose the spam while keeping valid emails you want and need!

Referral Plan

My Spam Gone™ maintains a database with all of the e-mail addresses in the address books of primary (paid) users. Please note that we will NOT use this database for sending spam! See our Privacy Policy If an e-mail address is already in the database from another user, it will not be added again.
Unless a new user purchases My Spam Gone from a reseller or an affiliate, and their e-mail address is in the database, then the person from whom the e-mail address originated will receive credit for that sale.
The expiration date of the primary user's My Spam Gone protection will be extended by 6 months. The same extended expiration date also applies to any secondary users on the account. A maximum of 3 years of My Spam Gone protection can be accumulated at any given time. Once the expiration date becomes less than two and a half years in the future, you are eligible to extend coverage again.
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