Version 2.1.104 February 10th,2010.

1. Added browser access for sample runs.

2. Password protected server access.

3. Improved Yahoo signup for BlackBerry and other smartphones.

Version 2.1.103 February 5th,2010.

1. Fixed system error popup that was sporadic.

2. Added personal code ommission on sample run.

3. Expanded Promo Code to allow additional runs.

4. Improved Yahoo signup sheet.

Version 2.1.102 February 1st,2010.

1. Once again enabled confirmed spam function and move spam to confirmed folder.

2. Added delete function to delete confirmed spam after 10 days.

3. Forwarding Inbox messages tested and affirmed.

4. Other small GUI and code cleanups.

Version 2.1.101 January 21st,2010.

1. Promo Code function enabled.

2. Improved Security: Personal removed from INI file.

3. Added multiple instance capability.

4. Forwarding Inbox in trial stage.

Version 2.1.99B January 7th,2010.

1. Personal Settings, Email Settings, and Transfer Config Dialog boxes more seemless

2. Tested and approved transfer to removable drive function works.

3. Added Promo Code to personal settings dialog box.

4. Added checkbox for: Forward moved messages to email settings dialog.

5. Added Help button to email settings dialog.

Version 2.1.99 December 28th,2009.

1. Spam folders checked every four hours unless PRO version paid

2. Process|Check Messages menu item added for immediate filtering.

Version 2.1.96 December 18th,2009.

1. First Hard coded BETA version

2. Testing FREE concept with signature line ads.

3. Added B to executable signifying Hard coded Beta version.

4. Added personal code function to settings dialog.

5. Changed unpaid welcome dialog message.

Version 2.1.91B December 5th,2009.

1. Install process now passes users name and phone to interface.

Version 2.1.89 December 2nd,2009.

1. Began moving system files to Appdata path rather than program files.

Version 2.1.87 November 28th,2009.

Yahoo authentication problem fixed.

Version 2.1.82 October 30th,2009.

1. Fixed Daylight Savings time problem with Yahoo browser based authentication.

2. Synchronized timestamp based on server clock.

3. User tracking enabled: User information posts to server.

  • User email address.
  • User country code.
  • User zip or postal code.
  • Users timestamp.

  • Version 2.1.80 October 21st,2009.

    1. Completed functions to work with unpaid versions of Yahoo Mail.

    2. Fixed install problems from 2.1.77.

    Version 2.1.77 October 1st,2009.

    1. Completed code changes for running in Vista.

    Version 2.1.76 September 30th,2009.

    1. Beta Version Yahoo Mail for Windows XP only.

    Version 2.1.75 August 24th,2009.

    1. Improved Address Dialog Boxes.

    2. Updated Functions for better interface with Vista and Windows 7.

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