My Spam Gone

Innovative spam technology

Lose the spam while keeping valid emails you want and need!

Do you use Yahoo! Mail
Outlook® or Thunderbird®?

How many annoying e-mails do you get every day?
How many wanted e-mails get sent to your Spam folder?
Does your Smartphone Inbox get cluttered with unimportant messages?
Are you missing contacts from friends, family, customers?

Someone needed to develop a better solution . . .

. . . that "Someone" was us.

We didn't start out wishing to write email management software, but after several frustrating attempts using other products, we found that our Smartphone Inbox was cluttered, that we were losing important e-mail contacts from friends, family, and customers. We needed something to better manage our email nightmare. After searching the web without success, we decided to create the software we want.

Our Solution

Our solution is radically different from all the other anti-spam software
out there because we:

  • Clean-out unwanted emails from your Inbox.
  • Rescue messages sent to spam folders due to false positives.
  • Keep your Smartphone Inbox clutter-free.
  • Basically do what the others won't

"Our first priority is getting your e-mails
where they belong."

We filter your emails a number of ways:
  • 1. Wanted Folders: all e-mail from addresses in these folders go to a inbox folder first.
  • 2. SNR Technology - "Sender Not Recognized"
        Keep your Smartphone Inbox clutter-free.
  • 3. Import e-mail addresses from your address book/contacts, sent items/outbox, other folders - automatically.
  • 4. Blocked list: all e-mail from addresses on this list is rejected. Entire domains can be blocked.
  • 5. Bad Words: e-mail containing certain words can be rejected and you can edit the list.
  • 6. Good Words: e-mail containing certain words from your list can be marked as good e-mail.
  • 7. Pass Code: e-mail with your "PassCode" in the subject goes to the inbox. Give this pass code to potential customers to make sure they can contact you.
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